Monday, 1 June 2015

Of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his Wombat

Of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his Wombat

When I look close into your broad and smiling face
I can see all of my transgressions now forgiven.
Your barrel of a body covered so well
In a forest of coarse grey hair
Is my bulwark against life’s cruel shocks
And a warm comfort to place
My fearful arms tight around.
On my cheek I feel your strong breaths
Perfumed sweet with gum and eucalyptus;
A calm force drawing in all the varied world,
Exhaling only peace and goodness.
But it is in your exquisite eyes that Christ the Saviour died
And is forever risen and in beauty eternal made.
Oh glorious wombat, stay and sing awhile with me
That by contemplation I might better myself in thee.
By Paul Pickering           ©Paul Pickering

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